Why should you have a medical transportation plan?

Want to travel, but safely

We all hope to be healthy , always. Especially when we are far from our environment, from our family, from our habits.

When you are away from home, in another city or in another country , suddenly falling ill , discovering that you have a pathology , suffering a serious injury that invalidates movement and autonomy, means being caught in the most absolute vulnerability .

In an increasingly globalized world, in which we travel daily , having a health transport plan can allow us, in case of unforeseen events, to be able to return to our city and be treated in our trusted hospital, close to the people we love . For those who travel a lot on holiday abroad, for those who travel a lot for work around Italy, for an off-site university student, anyone might need support, to avoid being isolated in difficult situations.

Travel wherever you want, we’ll take care of your health!

By subscribing to an Air Ambulance health plan , you can travel wherever you want and return home completely free of charge, in case of need.

For this reason, over the last few years, a service of absolute usefulness has been particularly developed, such as private medical transport . In fact, various health insurances and mutual health insurance companies have created deductible health plans with which it is possible to return to one’s city , free of charge or with strong discounts, quickly and safely, following illness or serious injuries .

Medical transport, an evolving service

Just 50 years ago, the out-of- hospital health care system was very different from what we know today. Private ambulances were little more than “vans” adapted to transport patients suffering from illness or those involved in road accidents .

The rescue techniques were limited to basic maneuvers performed without the aid of any device and the only equipment available to the rescuers were an oxygen cylinder and stretchers, direct descendants of the field models. There was still no real ” sanitary compartment ” and patient comfort was certainly not a priority.

Fortunately, these aspects have been extensively revised over the years and fortunately the private healthcare transport service in Italy has received a great push forward, in terms of quality of services, professionalism of healthcare workers and technologies used to improve ergonomics . of the trip and the state of health of the patient .

The same crew is made up of specialized and trained personnel with continuous training courses, as licenses are guaranteed only on condition of high quality standards of assistance .

The means for medical transport

Technical growth and various investments in the sector have led several private companies to have state-of-the-art medical transport vehicles , often more performing than those used in the public sector. To the road ambulance , made with means of transport such as agile vans but equipped with all the comforts, transport by ambulance train has been added , for safe transport, even faster and more comfortable, transport by aerosanitary flight , to cover long distances in short times and also the medical transport with hydro ambulance , for those cases in which the transport between the waves, is more efficient for certain cases.

In all these cases the vehicles are equipped as real mobile mini-hospitals , for the containment of traumatic and virological problems. It is no coincidence that medical transport has had an incredible importance in the last years of the pandemic , for the management and isolation of people who contracted covid-19, to ensure safe transport for both the patient and the operators who assisted him . .

How much does the medical transport service cost?

In spite of what one might imagine, the medical transport service does not provide absolutely prohibitive costs, on the contrary, these are often very accessible and certainly give greater safety in case of travel in Italy or abroad .

These plans are often divided into two categories: medical transport in Italy , for those who often travel or live outside the city; medical transport in Europe and the Mediterranean , for those who often travel outside Italy, for work or holidays and want to be sure of always having the best possible care, with Italian healthcare excellence ; medical transport in the world , for those who travel to all continents and want to return to Italy. This last service is certainly the most expensive.

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