Tell us, what tools or applications do you use every day?

Sometimes knowing what other users use helps us for two reasons: First, maybe we know a tool or application that we didn’t think existed. Second, because we’ve gotten a little closer and know our likes and dislikes. As I start this thread, I start by talking about my favorite apps



Something that cannot be missed. An app that I open all day. Of course, although I have installed ReconcChromiumand Konqueror, the one that always goes with me is Firefox.

For me the browser is a very addictive application, although it helps me publish (among other things) from Linux, it can reduce my productivity to zero, especially when time passes between news sites.

Mail client

Many people don’t use it, I do. Another app that severely affects my productivity in some cases and I’m always open to knowing that its notifications distract me. The problem is that I always think that some important message will reach me which I can’t read until late. Yes, I know, I have to finish this.

I’ve always used Thunderbird, the most complete email client for me when certain extensions are used. But as I work KDE is good, nothing, the integration is what I need and also K-Mail I am left out, it costs less than Thunderbird.

Instant messaging

My day-to-day work requires me to be connected to my users, so an IM client cannot be absent. In this case, I’ve never been able to separate myself from Pidgin. Well, they have options that no other client has, or rather, they don’t offer them the way I want them to.

With HTTP proxy and Sak proxy support, I control my accounts from HelloXMPP (Enterprise), XMPP (from Linux)GtalkFacebook, and occasionally Yahoo Messenger. Yes, another app that annoys its notifications and I open it all day.

IRC client

For this I use Quasel. I open it occasionally, especially on project channels to find out about specific news that interests me. Speaking of something IRC, we have to resume our debates on the IRC channel, which is somewhat abandoned «Damn social networks … how cool it is to communicate like the old days … ¬_¬

Twitter, Identica, and other social monsters

This type of service is addictive in many ways. For me, they’re a quick source of news and even better if I can keep all my accounts in one place. For this, I use Chocok, which is so far, for me, the best client that exists for these best networks.

I recently saw that they released a version written in Qt/QML of Guibar, so that’s pending testing. Hotot I like it (including its Qt version) but I can’t manage multiple accounts at the same time.

Music and video player

Out of 8 hours of my work day, I spend at least 7 songs listening, unless I need to do something that requires a lot of concentration. It doesn’t matter what kind of music, I listen to everything and for that, I usually use Clementine although lately, I’ve been adjusting to Juke.

For videos, I have plenty of Dragon Player, but when it gets a bit boring, well VLC is always there.

Console emulator

I always, always need to use the console, especially for connections, SSH and I work with my servers. The least intrusive possible is Yakuake, a terminal emulator that hides even if it’s always open


When I want to waste my time honestly, for that I have installed OpenArena, Frits on FireFrogatoSupertaxcartAssaultcubeXmoto … and they come by default with KDE.


Use Gwenview to view images, Gimp to edit, and Inkspace to layout websites or create any other type of graphics.

Other applications and utilities

When I want to burn a CD/DVD, extract the audio from them and others, because the best I use here is GNU/LinuxK3B, and anyone who says otherwise, doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Use Vokoscreen to create screencasts, LibreOffice’s y Calligra for office work (which I rarely do), KeypassX to manage my passwords, Virtualbox to hide my test servers, and CryptKeeper.

In the terminal I often use:

  • MC: To manage my files easily.
  • Com: Moves comfortably through MAN
  • RCC Conf: To control my demons
  • Screen: To move processes to the background
  • Exclusion: For matters that are not relevant now
  • DevMirror: To create my copy repository
  • rsync: Because it’s the best out there.
  • , SSH: For obvious reasons
  • Widget: To download things
  • ipaclack: for working with IP
  • HTop: To control resource consumption
  • Nano VIM: To edit files.

I don’t think I have any left. And what do you use?

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