Introducing Gramho, The Instagram Editor You’ve Been Waiting For

If you’re an active Instagrammer, then you know how hard it is to manage your account. Let me see, what should I post next? How many likes did my last post get? Just how many people have already saved it? And plenty more. 

The only way to answer these questions is by opening your account on the Instagram app. Gramho aims to solve this problem, by providing a complete Instagram management app that can be run from a PC or Mac OS X.

This app is an Instagram editor and viewer that lets you do more with your posts. With this app, you can edit your posts, check the view count, see how many people have saved your post, etc. Gram also offers a variety of other features, such as the ability to keep posts for later, hide posts from your feed, and more.

With this app you can:

  • View comments on a post or photo
  • Make any post private or public
  • Share photos privately with friends
  • Download photos from Instagram in high quality
  • Edit photos with filters and effects (like Photoshop) before posting them online!

Simple and easy to use

Gramho is an app for people who love to travel and like to stay in touch with friends using social networks. Enjoy safe and easy messaging with friends. This app lets you store all your messages, share them and keep them private. 

You can look at who’s following or following you

This is the Gramho app. Have you ever wanted to know who is following or following you? Then get this app and there is no need to go on each individual page of Instagram just to see who follows you. This app will do all the work for you!

You can boost your account.

Gramho provides you with professional account boosting services, you just have to browse our website from time to time and choose the suitable booster for yourself. When a booster joins your game you can chat with him, feel free to negotiate about the price and other details.

Find the best time to post by looking at when your followers are most active.

Gramho can help you find the best time to post on all of your social media accounts. Simply add all of your social media accounts, and select which one you want to analyze. if will be then scrolling through each day, and show you how many times people were active on that specific day.

You can create collages from your photos.

Gramho is a simple and addictive way to turn your photos into beautiful works of art. Select up to nine photos, choose the layout for your collage and share with friends.

You can check out a story count for any Instagram account.

This app is a free online tool. The largest Instagram users directory & Instagram analytics tool with the most complete story viewer. Search users by username and their story count.

Final thought:

While Gramho isn’t a full Instagram app (you can’t post new photos from the program), it’s still an interesting tool for editing and viewing your existing Instagram posts. Personally, I wouldn’t get this app unless you’re really invested in your Instagram feed and like to frequently post. But for those of you who fit that description, this is a fairly decent option.

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