How to intervene a cell phone with a Bluetooth dongle step by step?

Top 3 Android Phone Hacking Apps


This option offers a simple and intuitive user interface and is designed specifically for the business environment since it is specialized in detecting vulnerability in networks as a result of connecting risks to infected web pages, either from mobile phones or computers. corporate. 

  • zANTI is a digital network penetration testing tool that allows security managers to estimate the risk level of a network, as well as give them access to personal data.
  • You can complete different functions on a device that is connected to your Wi-Fi network.
  • View the websites visited from the target mobile that require passwords.
  • Access all media folders, control access to web pages, and replace websites (every time the user wants to log in from the target device, it will be redirected to the website specified by you).
  • Replace website images.

All the files that are downloaded to the device being spied on will also be downloaded to your mobile. 


A tool to hack someone’s mobile that can be easily managed by beginners and experts of technological gadgets, and through which you can access all the information of the interactions completed in a Wi-Fi network, regardless of whether it is public or private.

Most of its functions can be executed with a single command and it has an interface that is ideal for both IT professionals as well as techies who are still taking their first steps in phone hacking. 

  • Droidsheep is an alternative to zANTI since it has the same principle of operation and functionality.
  • You can simultaneously access all the devices connected to your network.
  • The downside of Droidsheep is that it doesn’t allow you to access highly secure websites that have HTTPS protocols, and it’s also not compatible with newer versions of Android.


This cell phone tapping app was one of the first to offer a wide range of tools, specifically for hacking Android devices, including access to text messages, call logs, contact lists, real-time GPS location, and even capturing remote photos and audios with the camera and microphone of the target cell phone.

AndroRat is a Windows tool that allows us to remotely control any Android device from a PC. The main functions of the application are:

  • Get the contacts and their information.
  • Review call logs access all sent and received messages.
  • Know the location using GPS.
  • Monitor received messages.
  • Activate the device’s microphone remotely and in real-time.
  • Take pictures with the camera, and send text messages.
  • Open urls from a web browser.
  • Activate the vibration mode of the mobile.

Top 3 apps to hack an iPhone 


Spy application will allow you to intervene in an iPhone without touching it since it works from the cloud and the only thing you need to intervene with the mobile is to have the access credentials to the iCloud account associated with it. Thinking of hacking an Apple phone without them knowing? Well, this is your solution!

Additionally, since it is based on the cloud, you won’t have to worry about access to the phone being monitored. You just have to have the iCloud credentials of the second, choose one of the plans offered by the company, and start tracking the iPhone from any web browser!

Cocospy app has different “spying” features:

  • Call tracker.
  • SMS tracker.
  • GPS location tracker.
  • Geofence function.
  • Spying on Facebook, and WhatsApp. Snapchat. Instagram.
  • History of web visits and SIM tracker, among many other features.

You can access your Cocospy account from any web browser.


With this Apple phone hacking software, you will be able to access the messages, calls, media files, and real-time locations of the target mobile without the need to jailbreak the device!

This resource allows analysis and binary descriptions in real-time, in addition to collecting sensitive content related to the connected network, such as passwords and certificates, among other elements. 

functions :

  • The binary analysis will allow you to check the binary encryption, the architecture of the application, and if the “stack-smashing” protection is activated.
  • Keychain analysis to analyze the contents of the keychain, including passwords, keys, certificates, or any sensitive information in the application.
  • Analysis of the database, which works to know all the databases associated with the application and the content of each of these.
  • Log Viewer to see all the records in the Syslog and look at all the application logs.
  • P-list viewer, which will list all the files in the application and make it easy to own each file.
  • Possibility to display the screenshots of the application you are investigating.


If you are willing to cover the high cost of this Apple phone hacking app, then you don’t even have to worry about completing a jailbreak process on the phone to be monitored, as this step is not necessary with PhoneSpector! 

What functions does it hide in its control panel? Well, the usual suspects, such as messages and incoming (and outgoing) calls from the intervened cell phone, contact list, GPS location, and multimedia files, among many other sections.

Whether it is an Android phone or an iPhone, now you know the possibilities at your fingertips to closely monitor these devices. Some of the methods require more computer skills than others, but these are not difficult barriers to overcome if you put a little effort into them.

With PhoneSpector you can:

  • Recover iMessages (even if they have already been deleted from the target phone)
  • contacts
  • calls
  • GPS locations
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Messages from Facebook, Twitter, Viber, WhatsApp, Kik,
  • Access to the installed or native notes application of the target mobile. And much more!
  • Continuous advice from experts.

And how can you break into someone else’s cell phone?: Bluetooth hacking to the rescue!

There are programs to hack a cell phone without having access to it, such as mSpy or CocoSpy that offer completely iCloud-based synchronization alternatives, so it is not necessary to have the mobile physically monitor to intervene a cell phone from my cell phone.

However, many other options currently available require the installation of an APK file on the target mobile, and that is where Bluetooth hacking appears to save the day and be able to use these physical hacking tools. The Bluetooth protocol has been used for years for the remote intervention of cell phones, and its validity does not seem to decline.

Bluetooth dongle: the key tool in this type of cell phone hacking

There are currently different models of Bluetooth dongles on the market that can be purchased at more than affordable prices, and the usefulness of these little allies when hacking a cell phone is incalculable.

A Bluetooth dongle, together with a series of instructions that we will explain shortly, will allow you to control the functions of any mobile with which it is synchronized from your computer, which makes it an essential tool for those looking to spy on a smartphone.

How to intervene a cell phone with a Bluetooth dongle step by step?

In this case, we will review how to link a Bluetooth dongle with a mobile to which you have physical access. This may not be the way you have in mind to hack your target mobile, but it certainly fits the niche of parents who want to take care of their little ones’ mobile use, as they can complete the setup process before Giving the phone to your children.

  • Step 1 – Insert the Bluetooth dongle into your computer: Regardless of whether it is a laptop or a desktop, all the installation drivers are already included in the Bluetooth dongle, so you only need to insert the device into your computer to get started.
  • Step 2 – Activate the Bluetooth dongle: This little guy will appear on your computer like any flash drive. Enter it with a double click and select the type of operating system of your computer (Windows or Mac).
  • Step 3 – Turn on the Bluetooth of the smartphone or iPhone to intervene: in case the option is not yet enabled, turn on the Bluetooth visibility mode on the mobile to spy on. Depending on the model, this can be done from the settings menu or directly from the functions drop-down screen.
  • Step 4 – Synchronize the computer with the mobile: once the visibility option for other Bluetooth-enabled devices is activated on the mobile, you must accept the synchronization request that you will receive on the latter. To do this, enter the numerical code that will appear on the mobile directly in the Bluetooth dongle application on the computer.

After this step, you will be ready to start tracking the target cell phone, as long as the second one is within 100 meters of your computer. As we said before, this may not be an alternative for everyone, but it is more than enough for parents who are wondering how to hack their son’s phone in their home and surrounding areas.

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