Geiger: The Comic Relief We All Need

Everyone could use some comic relief in these uncertain times where we hear depressing and upsetting news worldwide. And that’s where Geiger comes in. Geiger is a popular comic that has entertained readers for the past year. This comic series is set in a post-apocalyptic world and follows the adventures of Tariq as he fights to survive in a hostile environment and protect his family.

Geiger is a unique and fascinating way to look at life’s ups and downs. In addition, it’s a reminder that you can still find hope even in the darkest times in your life. This comic delivers a powerful message that teaches people the importance of hope and perseverance in facing adversity. 

Geiger is designed to bring some levity and fun into your lives by including new characters like The mystery man, and Redcoat. Geoff Johns wrote Geiger Vol 1. with Gary Frank as the illustrator and Brad Anderson as the Colorist. The ending of the story promises another new series with new characters. 

Love, Courage, and Protection

The story begins in 2030 with threats of possible nuclear fallout. Fast forward to 2050, and the world is in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where it’s a “survival for the fittest” situation. No one can go outside without protective gear, although people can survive indoors without it. The world has also been turned upside down by Nightcrawlers and Organ People. Also, scavengers sent by the King of Camelot are everywhere looking for riches, and they discover the bunker.

Here’s where we see Tariq without a protective suit guarding the bunker since he wants to protect his family. Is his family still alive after living so many years in the bunker? Here, the comic writer creates suspense for the reader. Tariq scares off the scavengers from the bunker with his neon-green glow from the radioactivity emanating from his body. Even with his superpowers, he protects his family.

After the confrontation with Gieger, the scavengers narrate this to their king, Jeremy. He’s furious and wants to see this glowing man scaring even his scavengers. Finally, the King meets the Meltdown Man, and he is unimpressed since he thought Geiger was huge and terrifying. The King orders the door to the bunker to be blown.

This is where Tariq learns that his family is no more, and he is furious and melts the knights and battles the King, exposing him to the polluted environment. The rest of the story sees the King try to avenge what he lost during his fight with Geiger. Geiger finds himself in many battles, including one to save a young boy he had met from being killed, where he is reminded of his family.

Parting Shot

Gieger’s story reminds people of family values. Tariq shows that his family is the most important thing, no matter what he’s going through. Despite his loss, he still shows love, loyalty, and courage to fight for humanity.

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