Everything That Home Inspectors in Maine Look For

So you’ve discovered a new home that satisfies all your requirements and is perfect for you. Congrats! However, before moving forward with the purchase, make sure the house is secure, physically strong, and that all essential systems are working properly by hiring a home inspectors Maine.

A buyer’s best chance to determine a home’s condition is through a home inspection. It details both large and little difficulties, giving you a complete picture of what you’ll be dealing with as a homeowner. After all, purchasing a home is likely to be the largest single purchase you will make in your lifetime! To put it differently, the inspection will tell you if you should rejoice, save money for repair costs, or flee.


But, in a home inspection, what matters the most? What is included in the Maine home inspection checklist? What normally happens if you receive a subpar inspection report?

Items that could be deal-breakers differ from person to person and are dependent on a variety of factors, including market conditions, the age of the home, the neighborhood, and your financial status. Nonetheless, there are a few things that inspectors check for that can have a significant impact on the sale of a home, for better or ill.

What Do Home Inspectors Portland Maine Look For? 

1. HVAC System:

The first stage in assessing the home’s HVAC system is to do a visual inspection to confirm that the thermostat, heat cycle, air conditioner, ductwork, and furnace are all in good working order. Any traces of gas or carbon monoxide leakage will also be looked for by a house inspection. They will manually examine the systems after performing visual testing to make sure they are in functioning order. During Portland Maine inspections, the inspector examines a gas or oil furnace’s performance by ensuring it lights up and warms or cools the house effectively. 

2. Electrical System:

The first step in checking the home’s electrical system is to look at the wires that enter the electrical panel from outside the house. They will inspect visible wires in an older property to ensure that they are coated with insulation and that no metal is exposed. The house inspector will then inspect the electrical panel to check for circuit breakers rather than fuses, as fuses are banned in most regions of the United States. Moreover, one of the main things home inspectors look for is the capacity of the primary breaker to make sure it’s big enough to handle the home’s electrical needs. The operation of outlets would be the next step. The next would be the functioning of outlets. 

3. Plumbing System:


Maine home inspectors inspect all toilets, baths, showers, basins, water lines, pipes, and any other places of the house where water passes through. They’ll check all of the toilets’ flappers, filling mechanisms, and levels to make sure they’re working properly. They’ll also look for leaks in the hydrants and pipelines outside your house, as well as make sure there’s adequate anti-freeze protection.

4. Attic:

The state of the attic insulation will be examined by home inspectors in southern Maine, as insulation affects the property’s energy efficiency. They’ll also examine for any evidence of fire damage, such as burned wood or soot, in the attic’s ventilation. To verify that there is no water damage, they will examine for traces of water stains, broken insulation, and any other traces of leakage. They will look for corrosion around the furnace if it is in the attic, as this is a symptom of water damage.

5. Roof:

A Maine home inspector will only climb onto a roof if it is safe to do so, which means it should not be taller than 3 stories and the surface should not be too steep. They will look for any loose or missing shingles and other damages. They will also check the working gutters and look for the signs of any clogs or leaks.

6. Walls, Ceilings, And Floors:

A home inspector will look for discoloration, mildew, or water damage on the walls, flooring, and ceilings. They’ll look for sagging ceilings, cracks in the walls, and other signs of structural problems. They’ll also look for bulging spots in the walls or irregular baseboards in the flooring. It’s important to mention that the inspector won’t mark down cosmetic elements; only structural problems or locations that need repairs and replacements due to safety issues will receive a negative score.

7. Doors And Windows:

All windows and doors will be checked by the house inspector to ensure that they function properly. They’ll list the different types of windows in each room and make sure that all bedrooms have at least one operable window that may be used to evacuate the house in an emergency. They’ll also look at the doorframes to make sure they’re not sinking into the floor or are off-balance, as this could suggest a foundation issue.

8. Foundation:

A fireplace tilting away from the house, a sinking porch, or damaged steps going up to the house are all signs of a weak foundation. If windows and doors are difficult to close on the inside of the house, or there are significant gaps in the wall or ceiling, it could be a sign of foundation issues. A foundation is the most costly part of the house and it can cost a lot to repair or replace. 

9. Basement:

Homes with basements will be thoroughly inspected. The home inspector will spend some time in the basement, as well as the rest of the house, looking for evidence of water damage. A musty stench, mildew or mold development, damaged sidewalls, and uneven floors are all common indications of water damage. The inspector will also investigate the spaces around the windows and doors for signs of water intrusion.

Is It Necessary For Home Inspectors in Maine To Be Licensed?

It is hard to believe but there are no such requirements for home inspectors in Maine to earn a license nor are there any regulations that the home inspectors have to follow. You can be an inspector without owning a proper license. However, you can earn Maine home inspector certification to be a proper part of the home inspection organizations like ASHI, InterNACHI, etc.

In Maine, How Much Does It Cost To Have A Home Inspection?

In Maine, a home inspection can cost somewhere from $300 to $600. The price you pay for a home inspection varies based on the home’s age and square footage. You will pay more for a home inspection if the house is larger, old, and at an expensive location. Moreover, you will have to pay more for additional services like radon testing, Maine water testing, mold testing, etc.

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