Car insurance now pays for damage to the windscreen whenever you want

Traffic insurance with fast bonus development

For new drivers for the traffic insurance in the car insurance starting bonus of a staggering 40% – you will not find a higher starting bonus. With the fast bonus development, you collect 80% maximum bonus in just five years.

Tailored voluntary comprehensive insurance for your car

Include a voluntary comprehensive insurance in your car insurance. You then get more comprehensive protection for your car in the event of an injury. If you so wish, our most comprehensive Superkasko also replaces if your car is dented when it is parked in a parking garage.

Car insurance now pays for damage to the windscreen whenever you want

Glasskydd is an optional additional cover for car insurance, with which you protect the windscreen and other window glass on your car against stone chips or other damage. Glass protection is now available for all comprehensive options in car insurance for a passenger car.

Immediate help if an injury occurs – without unnecessary claims

In the Pohjola Damage Assistance service, there are instructions for damage situations and information about what the car insurance covers. When you handle your case with the Pohjola Workshop Master in a damage situation, the Workshop Master takes care of the repair and applies for compensation on your behalf.

The number of kilometers driven now affects the car insurance premium

In the future, the premium on new comprehensive insurance will be affected by how much you drive. If you drive a little during the year, we take that into account in the car insurance premium. If your number of kilometers driven changes, you simply notify the new information in the service. You drive worry-free in the future as well – your driving kilometers do not affect the content of the insurance.

Are you looking for the most affordable car insurance? Concentrate your insurances and benefit from a lower premium

As a benefit customer of Pohjola Försäkring and an owner customer of Andelsbanken, you get an annual discount of up to almost 10% on comprehensive insurance with a bonus in the car insurance and collect OP bonuses that can be used for premiums.

Familiarize yourself with the benefits and request a quote for your insurance conveniently online.

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