A Guide to AI Consulting Services to Boost Business Growth

More businesses are embracing AI due to its ability to access and process huge volumes of data. In addition, they are utilizing it to improve their business practices through the help of consultants. Although AI is a brilliant idea for your business growth, you must be very careful about how you leverage it. Often companies get matched with the wrong options for their needs, which leads to wastage of time, effort, and funds. Therefore it’s important to understand everything you can about AI consulting to help you on the journey. Here’s more. 

What is AI consulting?

It refers to the business of assisting companies and organizations in utilizing AI technologies to boost business growth. When you seek AI consulting services they provide the following:

  • Prepare a well-outlined business objective and determine whether the AI method is the favorable choice to achieve it.
  • Design, create and deploy an AI application that suits your business aims.
  • Training of employees on AI technologies.

What are the barriers to AI adoption?

Although it’s a trend that can be very helpful for business, it has its cons. Three obstacles are making it difficult for companies and organizations to adopt AI. They include:

  • Deficiency in AI knowledge or expertise
  • A rise in information complexity and data silos
  • Scarcity of tools/platforms for developing AI models.

Moreover, AI has a high failure rate. Therefore even though organizations and companies can overcome this obstacle, success is not guaranteed.

But companies can seek AI consultants to help beat these barriers minimizing the chance of failure. One way the consultants can do this is to provide you with blockchain app development services

Ways companies can use AI.

There are several ways businesses can use AI to boost the growth of their business.

  • Augmented intelligence: It is a fusion of machine learning, object recognition, and natural language processing. It allows the easy performance of processes and tasks with less human assistance. An example of augmented intelligence is analyzing risks and detecting fraud in systems.
  • Assisted intelligence: It helps automate tedious, rule-based tasks with a blend of big data and data science. It mainly aims to enhance daily processes that require repetitive bandwidth. A good example is the GPS navigation program to find a route to a specific destination.
  • Autonomous intelligence: It allows machines to act independently and perform activities without human assistance. An example is the case of self-driving cars.

Implementing AI for your business has challenges. So, seeking AI consulting services is important for a smoother experience. However, before consulting, you need to be knowledgeable about the benefits of AI consulting.

What are the benefits of business AI consulting?

These are the benefits of AI consulting for your business.

  • Assist in building and formulating the right AI strategy for your business to save you time during implementation. For example, they can offer blockchain app development services for your business needs.
  • They help in collecting data before building the right AI solution. It’s easier and faster as they have well-developed programs that speed up the process.
  • They have experience and needed expertise, making it easier to identify obstacles and errors.
  • They have an understanding of how AI can benefit the growth of your business.
  • Negotiate with AI vendors on your behalf
  • Eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks to reduce your team’s workload.
  • Offer employees training 

What’s the work of AI consulting in boosting your business growth?

Formulating the right strategy

Each business challenge is unique and can be solved through the adoption of AI. Before consultants create a strategy, they need to understand the company’s status and processes that require AI integration. Knowing this information will help consultancies build the best AI to impact the business positively. 

Identification of data and collection

After creating a strategy, the consultant determines which data is required to create and train the AI model. First, the consulting firm needs to inform the business of a data collection plan. Next, they note the collected data on its properties and quality. Then after putting together the data, it has to go through analysis to identify duplicates and incorrect values.

Train the AI model

After data analysis and cleaning, the AI model is trained. Then, they fine-tune it and evaluate it with several algorithms. Then data scientists have to compare the AI models and decide which is the best for the business.

Deployment: A plan is made to deploy the AI and the necessary infrastructure.

Execute governance policies: The AI consultants must set clear policies that list the components of data privacy, transparency, and decision rights. 

Training the users: Artificial intelligence consultants must train internal company teams.

AI adoption for your business is vital for business growth. However, you need to seek the right services for the best outcome. Luckily with this information, you can. 

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